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Sri Lanka from Italy, €362

Great prices to Sri Lanka from Italy, starting at only 362€!

The deal works from a number of Italian cities, but Bari seems to have the best price, in September 2016. Milan, Rome, Bologna and Venice available from 377€ (May – June).

You will be flying with Turkish Airlines, one of the most awarded airlines and voted Europe’s Best Airline at the 2015 Skytrax Pasenger Choice Awards.

To get the deal, go to and adjust the dates, if necessary.

Please keep in mind that paying with a Visa credit card results in the best available price, as no additional fees will be added.

Since this appears to be an error fare, there is a small risk of tickets being canceled; therefore, although in such case the payment will be refunded by the airline, after buying the tickets you are strongly advised to wait a few days before making any other reservations (such as hotels, car rentals etc.) related to this trip.

For further information regarding error-fares and the best practices in such cases, please read our INFO page.

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