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Amsterdam or Paris to Panama, from 323€!

Very good prices for a return flight from either Amsterdam or Paris to Panama City: a Lufthansa/United flight combination takes you there for only 323€!
Many travel dates available from August 2017 to March 2018 (winter holidays excluded).

From Paris, the price is just a bit higher (340€) and the itinerary goes through Canada and involves two other airlines besides Lufthansa: Brussels Airlines and Air Canada.

To book the flights from Amsterdam, go to, search the flights on your preferred dates, select the cheapest option from the results list ( and proceed with booking.
You may easily use Google Translate if you need help during the booking process on the Dutch website.

To book the flights from Paris, go to as well, but proceed with booking on DreamWorldTravel.

Since this appears to be an error fare, there is a small risk of tickets being canceled; therefore, although in such case the payment will be refunded by the airline, after buying the tickets you are strongly advised to wait a few days before making any other reservations (such as hotels, car rentals etc.) related to this trip.

For further information regarding error-fares and the best practices in such cases, please read our INFO page.

Don’t forget that if you need accommodation, you can always find cheap hotel rooms either on or using the nearby search form.

You can also use airbnb, to rent privately owned apartments, houses or even villas and to save some money while getting a more in-depth view of the local culture.

Having the freedom to explore the surroundings is always important for a savvy traveler.

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