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Mega-trip: Bucharest – UAE – India – Italy, only €296!

Dear Awayzers, we have put together a great multi-segment trip spanning across two continents, for the incredible price of only €296!
During a little more than two weeks, you would be visiting four different places, each beautiful and interesting in its own way: Bucharest, Dubai, India and Rome.

The trip starts in Bucharest with a Wizzair flight to Dubai, available for €108 on carrier’s website, including a large cabin baggage and WIZZ Discount Club membership for a year.

Get on top of the tallest building in the world, wander for a couple of days through the impressive forest of skyscrapers and modern world wonders built where only a few decades ago there was nothing but sand, then take a JetAirways flight to Mumbai.

In India, you’ll have 10 days to explore before taking a return flight from Cochin to Rome, with a short layover in Abu Dhabi. Make your own schedule while on the Indian subcontinent or ask Awayze for a trip design tailored to your needs and desires.

The Dubai – Mumbai / Cochin – Rome flights can be booked on Many dates are available from January to June 2016, you can adjust them as needed, provided that the return flights are 10 days after the departure.

In Rome, you’ll have three days to see the ancient temples, the works of art in the Vatican and to fall in love with the Italian food, before taking another Wizzair flight and returning to Bucharest, for as many nights out in the pubs of the old city as you can endure.

For the entire trip, you can of course book the accommodation that suits your needs and your budget on or by simply using the search form below.

Happy flying away!

Since this appears to be an error fare, there is a small risk of tickets being canceled; therefore, although in such case the payment will be refunded by the airline, after buying the tickets you are strongly advised to wait a few days before making any other reservations (such as hotels, car rentals etc.) related to this trip.

For further information regarding error-fares and the best practices in such cases, please read our INFO page.

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