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Once you found a suitable price for your flights, take a screenshot and save it to your computer. That will be our reference.

(you can take the screenshot by either using the PrtSc key on your keyboard or by using a browser add-on that can help you save the window content)

Send us the request

Insert the details of your desired trip, attach the screenshot and pay the €6.98 non-refundable fee.

Tell us your destination, where will you leave from and when would you like to travel. Please keep in mind that the more flexible you are, the more chances you have to get a better deal.

The reference price is also necessary, in order for us to know that we have to show you only an offer below that threshold (or, in the worst case, to tell you that this is the best price on the market and that you should book it right away).
To avoid unnecessary issues, please try to make a screenshot of the payment page (before inserting your credit card details, of course), where the final price, including all taxes and fees, is shown.

As some sort of a “minimum wage” our experts need to be paid for their time and effort, the non-refundable fee will not be reimbursed regardless of the search result (rest assured though, they will to their very best to find the cheapest flight). It will be deducted from the success fee.

Our experts do their magic

The best offers get into your inbox

We will send you the best price on the market, along with the itinerary and a link to the page where you will be able to unlock the booking details

Sometimes we might send you a couple of options to choose from. Sometimes we might send you an itinerary that involves an error fare or a fuel dump (if you have read our INFO page, you already know how to use them). Sometimes our itinerary will have additional layovers or a convoluted routing through lesser-known airports on various countries; set your adventure spirit free and enjoy both the savings and the new experiences this trip will bring to you). Sometimes we might suggest you some slightly different travel dates, for a better price. Sometimes we might even tell you that the price you’ve found is the best available.
In either case, at this point you should act fast and keep a constant communication with us, as the good deals usually don’t resist too much on the market: read our e-mails, ask for clarifications if necessary, get the instructions and book the flights.

We will usually send you the offer[s] in less than 24 h from the moment you book our services.

You unlock the details
and book the flights

Once you pay the success fee, you will have access to all the booking details.
Follow the instructions, get the tickets and you’re good to go

The success fee is calculated on a simple formula: 20% of the difference between the reference price and the price we found, times the number of tickets. From this, we deduct the non-refundable fee.
Let’s work with an example: you have found two tickets from London to Singapore for €624 each (€1,248 in total); our experts come up with a €448 itinerary (€896 for both passengers) that takes you to Singapore with a short layover in Beijing. The success fee is ((624 – 448)/100*20)*2 – 6.98 = €63.42
In total, you would be paying 20% of the price difference (that is, €70.40) and you will save €281.60

Fly away and enjoy your trip!

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