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Wifi coverage on all Virgin Atlantic flights

Virgin Atlantic has become the first European airline to offer wifi internet on all its flights.

Depending on the aircraft type, the passengers can choose between a number of packages with prices starting at £2.99.
On Boeing 787 Dreamliner, they can opt for either WiFi light, which includes 40MB of data for £4.99, or WiFi max, which offers 150MB of data for a £14.99 price tag.
Passengers flying on Boeing 747, Airbus A330 or A340 have three options to choose from:
Messaging Pass: just £2.99 for the entire flight with no data cap, but it only allows accessing messenger services such as WhatsApp and image or video files cannot be transferred;
WiFi light: one hour of unlimited browsing for £4.99
WiFi max, which offers unlimited internet browsing during the entire flight and costs £14.99.

In Europe, just a handful of airlines have wifi coverage for their flights – among them, the low-cost operator Norwegian, which offers free internet on most of its continental flights, as well as on some of the USA – Caribbean flights. The service is not yet available on the long-haul transatlantic flights.

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